Mike Mac
Writer, Beluga Heights

Mike Mac is a Los Angeles based Music Producer/Songwriter for Mactown Music Group. He grew up as an athlete with a huge passion for basketball and music. Mike competed at a very high level and was destined to retain a Division 1 Basketball scholarship. His dreams of being a college athlete and NBA player came to a halt when he became paralyzed January 13, 2003 from two torn ligaments and a 6-inch blood clot pressing on his spinal cord from cervical (c7) to thoracic (t3). He was unable to move from his chest down while struggling to breathe at the young age of 15. Following a six-hour surgery, he woke up still motionless. After being transferred to a rehabilitation hospital, the Doctor told him he would never walk again and would have to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Following the bad news, Mike created the motto, “Can’t Stop Me” (which is now tattooed on his right foot). After being in the hospital for three months, he was able to walk out on forearm crutches despite being told he would “never walk again”. He went back to school and was Captain of the Varsity Basketball team despite not being able to physically play. Although he was unable to run, he was put in his last home game and shot two honorary free throws showing that , “impossible is nothing”. Following his senior basketball season he was able to walk unassisted and graduated in the top of his high school class earning a full ride scholarship to the University of Southern California.

At USC, Mike fell in love with writing music and music production. Since the year 2005 he has been producing and writing songs for artists in all genres of music for his production company Mactown Music Group. Mike Mac has recently worked with JR Rotem, Sean Kingston, Iyaz, Auburn and Livvi Franc. The future looks bright as he continues to follow his motto "Can't Stop Me".

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