Jordan Baum
Writer, Beluga Heights

Jordan Baum is a songwriter, guitarist, and vocal producer from Los Angeles CA for Mactown Music Group. Growing up listening to blues, classic rock, and  Motown is what gave him his ear for melody, and his love for pop music. Coming from a family in the arts(Mother- actress Lisa Ann Walter), music has always been his biggest passion. Family turmoil made him turn to music for comfort, and he never looked back. An already accomplished singer, actor, and guitar player by the age of 14, he started playing in bands and writing his own songs. Playing in LA clubs such as the Whiskey, the Roxy, The Key Club, and The House of Blues before the age of 18 gave him a professional edge, and a love for live music that he still carries to this day. With his recent signing to Universal/Rondor through Beluga Heights, his career as a songwriter only has room to grow.

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