Clemm Rishad
Writer, Beluga Heights
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If there's anything that should intrigue you about Clemm Rishad, it should be not only his music but his beautiful struggle as an artist. Usually the youngest in the crowd, Clemm has always been motivated to work harder by the added experience of his peers. “It's really hard being so young in a game with people who have a lot of experience over me, I always had to work harder, “ says Clemm. “Which made me a better artist. I was very developed at a young age.”

Rap music is not the only place Clemm is leaving a mark. Making up one half of Sky Movement’s writing team, The Writers Block, Clemm Rishad is signed to Universal Music Group’s publishing arm, Rondor. Teaming up with Beluga Heights, Clemm is working beside some of the industry’s most buzzworthy acts, most recently penning the hook for Nicki Minaj’s “Fly,” featuring Rihanna on her debut album, Pink Friday.

Clemm’s quest as a musician stemmed from his early years. Writing poetry at a young age, he later developed his passion for writing into a gateway for a career in music. A pen and pad was the mirror of his thoughts, until his teenage years when he learned to turn his creative niche into music. Alongside his business savvy brother, he founded a critical framework for his understanding of the industry through a promotional team. It was this team that later turned into Sky Movement, the core of his music career today.

Core values are another stronghold in Clemm's character, instilled in him through his Tacoma, Washington household. “My dad always gave me that good motivational push.” shares Clemm. With his family being of the church, he had embedded a spiritual conscious that has helped him cope with the ups and downs of the music business.

Inspirational and motivational best describe the style that Clemm has branded himself with through Sky Movment. But it goes beyond just his music, as he keeps a positive outlook on life. “My music is there to get you to your goal.” he says. With a sound that is smooth and uplifting, his material is universally appealing, especially reaching out to those with big dreams. Clemm Rishad is the fresh face music fans are looking for. With music that will let you escape from your daily routine, he's an outlet that will help remind you that any dream is possible.

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