Livvi Franc
From: St. Michael, Barbados
Label: Beluga Heights
Label: Warner Brothers
Twitter: @livvifranc


Born in London, raised in Barbados, 22 year old singer/songwriter Livvi Franc is the latest signing by JR Rotem to Beluga Heights/Warner Brothers Records. As a songwriter, Livvi has worked with top artists including Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Willow Smith & Cher Lloyd.

Now as an artist, Livvi is ready to push the envelop of pop music. Her sound combines pop with both reggae and rock influences to create a fresh sound that will undoubtedly rule the airwaves for years to come.

With model good looks, a voice that gives you chills, and songwriting skills that are setting the music industry on fire, Livvi Franc is the true definition of a triple threat.


Please check back soon for live shows and news.  


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